Mutiny! Mutiny everywhere!

The Mutiny Project is coming to a city near you.

Now that it’s fully underway, it’s time to take Mutiny to the streets.  We just started a Meetup Everywhere group so you can meet up with your fellow Mutineers to plot and scheme.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to prosper by helping people …

If you would like to network with other entrepreneurs who “get it” …

Then form a Mutiny Meetup group in your area.  Who knows who will turn up …

Aren’t you ready to be part of a social group that gets you?

Note:  I won’t be forming one myself.  Why?  Because as Brad Feld said in Mutiny Wave 2, “networks are trumping hierarchies.”  We want Mutiny to take on a life of its own and that means the network – you – will decide where it goes.  The thought-leaders who started Mutiny will continue to provide guidance in the form of new videos, but where will the movement go?  That’s completely up to you, Mutineer.  I may, however, drop in on Mutiny Meetups from time to time … (Especially if you form a group in San Francisco, Miami, or New York … hint, hint.)


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