Steal This Viral Video Idea: “Journalism Has a Code of Ethics. Who Knew?”

Would you believe that the Society of Professional Journalists has a “Code of Ethics?” Now, I can understand your incredulity.  ”Next you’ll tell us the there is a Society of Professional Meth Lab Technicians.”  Yeah.  Anyway, here’s the idea:  line by line, show the Code of Ethics.  Splice in clear examples of lapses.  Include examples from various news sources so as not to be a shill-piece for a specific organization.  Challenge yourself to find examples even from the news organizations you like.  Then edit the montage for comedic (ironic, dramatic, whatever) effect.

Done right, this video could be quite viral.  Call me Billy Mumphrey, but it could help hasten a new era of journalism.  Imagine a more discerning news audience.  One that could easily spot nonsense or lapses in ethics.  One that questions even the things that confirm its own bias.  Would the den of bullshittery-for-hire that is journalism today have any ads to sell?

Terms:  Steal this idea.  Give me some credit and a back-link to this blog.

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