The God Delusion vs. The Science Delusion

Last year I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake about the relationship between conservatism in science and those who are pushing its boundaries.  Finally, with the release of his new book Science Set Free it’s time to let you listen.

The book was released in the UK as “The Science Delusion” as a counterpoint to “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.  Incidentally, I am trying to organize a discussion between the two men (The God Delusion vs. The Science Delusion).  Dr. Sheldrake has accepted.  If you would like to see this discussion take place, please express your support in the comments below.


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  • Awesome interview. Thanks for sharing.

  • GreenPower1

    Would like to see this discussion.

  • Loved this interview and topic.  Thanks for sharing Mark & Dr Sheldrake.

  • martinsequoia

    Thanks Mark for this.  I definitely would like to see the two in a joint interview.

  • RogerAbramson

    In a huge bookstore today, there were 4 aisles of science fiction, fantasy, and teen paranormal romance, but only a single segment on science.Similarly, there were 2 aisles of mystery fiction about murders, investigations, and court dramas, but only a single segment on law.This shows the American literary psyche is almost devoid of any interest in reality.  Even amongst active, invested readers, we greatly prefer fiction, fantasy, and entertainment, if you can believe the proportions in the bookstore.  See for yourself.

    • @RogerAbramson Great point.  (Side note:  I wouldn’t lump sci fi in with fantasy, mystery, romance, etc myself … I think true sci fi is extremely important.)

    • @RogerAbramson Great point.  (Side note:  I wouldn’t lump sci fi in with fantasy, mystery, romance, etc myself … I think true sci fi is extremely important.)

    • GeoffDodd

      @RogerAbramson So people prefer the ‘Right Brain,’ imaginative side of life, as relief and escape. Why is ‘imagination’ not seen as another part of *reality?*

  • GeoffDodd

    “It’s a pleasure..” and…  “connected in full stream …”

  • StevePrior

    I would be interested to hear, see, read and understand anything that challenges orthodox thinking.
    I do though think there’s a danger of getting drawn in to a counter view based on our current beliefs. I watch and read a lot about science, people, behaviour and associated topics.
    We all make assumptions about the way the world works, these assumptions are based on a set of beliefs, then cognitive dissonance makes sure we are closed to others ideas.
    Dawkins and Sheldrake will have their own set of beliefs and will use science to back them up. So both will look right depending on what your beliefs were to start with. 
    I haven’t read Sheldrake’s book but will do soon.
    It could be that both Dawkins and Sheldrake are right about some of their thinking but both wrong about other ideas.
    Our decisions are at least partly determined by our available choices. We may not agree with everything our political party says but have to vote for someone and end up choosing one over another. Before we know it we then come to believe everything about the party.
    In my own thinking I try to have an open mind, it’s just sometimes so hard to be this way.

  • Jason_Moon

    A fantastic interview thank you. And yes, it would be marvellous to see those two going head to head, I do hope you can arrange it :)

  • BrnLng1

    yes, please

  • GeoffDodd

    It’s all ILLUSION… in fact just as God was simply used to control small, tight-knit communities….now cosmopolitans cannot be… under THAT, but Conservative Science is cunningly used by Pharma, governments, etc., as a rationale or ‘controller’ or inhibitor of free citizens!!  Golly. G.  Thanks for the soapbox @markjoyner

  • GeoffDodd

    @StevePrior you’ve said what I wanted to, but could NOT get enuf ‘neurons aroun’

  • GeoffDodd

    @Mark Joyner  @RogerAbramson Yeah true ‘sci fi’ is like our thought-molds, our right brained IMAGINATION creating future solutions – esp movement to planets!  Solutions to ‘disease’ and other role plays!

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