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Mark Joyner is the Founder of 30+ startups who now serves as the Founder and CEO of Simpleology – a web app that doubles your free time and cuts your workload in half by simplifying your life:  www.simpleology.com

Mark is often referred to as “The Father of Digital Marketing” for his pioneering role in the early days of online marketing.  Among other things, he started the first ebook publishing company, the first online ad tracking tracking company, the second PPC search engine (while the Google boys were still in college), invented the tracking pixel … and so on.  One of Mark’s websites, Startblaze, shot to #36 globally within 6 weeks of launching – on a zero-dollar ad budget.  Mark is the author of over a dozen books in print in 25 languages, 4 of which were #1 bestsellers, several of which are used as marketing textbooks in universities around the world.  Mark is a former US Army Officer and a Cold War veteran of military intelligence.  He has been awarded for his military service by the NSA, the Defense Language Institute, the US Army, the Republic of Korea Army, the Korean Consulate General, and the President of the United States.

On a personal note, Mark is now a health and fitness buff with 8% body fat who was once 60 pounds overweight.  He trains in MMA, gymnastics, and calisthenics.  He ran his first half-marathon at age 40 through the streets of Manhattan – barefoot.

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