The Mark Joyner Show Episode #1: Dr. Joe Vitale – The Marketing Secrets Behind “The Secret”

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What You’re About to Learn:

  • How Rhonda Byrne launched the film on a zero-dollar budget and turned it into a multi-million dollar enterprise grossing $600,000,000 in the first year alone
  • The devious tactics used before the launch that made all of the difference.
  • How they got on Oprah and Larry King via “the third door.”
  • The psychological tactics Rhonda used to get all of the stars to appear in the film – without getting paid(And why they thanked her for it.)
  • The pscyhological principles almost no one is using that will radically boost the success of any product launch.
  • Mark’s predictions for the future of marketing and business.
  • And more …


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I’m back!

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2.  The Mark Joyner Show Episode #1:  Dr. Joe VitaleThe Marketing Secrets Behind “The Secret”

Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the smash hit The Secret saw the whole thing go down from the inside …

Rhonda Byrne was float broke.  Then she produced The Secret on a zero-dollar budget.  And turned it into a multi-million dollar empire that launched careers and spawned a whole series of #1 bestselling books.  It was featured on Oprah … Larry King … it was an overnight international sensation.

What most don’t know is that there were some rather devious marketing secrets deployed behind the scenes that turned it into the phenomenon than what it was.

No one is more qualified than Dr. Joe Vitale to reveal this.  Not only is he a world-renowned marketing expert, he also had inside access to everything as it happened.

If you want to learn the marketing tactics Rhonda Byrne and her team used, and how you can apply them to your own business, don’t hesitate to tune in.


LIVE Wednesday 30 January 2020 9PM Eastern
(stick around for live Q&A afterwords)

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