Integration Marketing Master Class

Mark takes 3 brand new business owners with ZERO business experience and takes them through 3 levels of Integration Marketing:  acquiring a steady stream of customers on a zero-dollar ad budget, turning those customers into money, and profit optimization.  Leaves nothing to the imagination … includes, templates, scripts, process maps, and more.



Word of Mouth Transformation

What if your customer base did all of your marketing for you?  This is a 12 month action plan for tiny changes to make each week that radically boost the likelihood your customers will become your evangelists.  This program includes an entire year of weekly coaching calls where Mark walks a business owner through these changes.  At the end of the year he doubled his sales without any additional changes!  We call this “legal corporate espionage” because you get to spy on Mark’s student (with his full permission, of course).


Bestseller Blueprint

Not only will you learn how to (easily) write a book (from scratch) and turn it into a #1 bestseller (on any list) … You’ll learn how to apply these same principles to virtually any product and create rapid cash windfalls at will.  Includes mutliple methods for rapid-book-creation … cash-windfall-generating marketing campaigns … and much more.  Includes full battle plans, process maps, templates, and more.




This is Mark’s flagship software platform that doubles your free time by simplifying your life.  “I am now getting done in two hours what used to take me a full day – or even a week!” … is not an uncommon response.  Take it for a trial spin and see for yourself what over one million users have experienced.

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